Lagos state is divided into 21 cooperative unions in line with the cooperative area offices being operated by the ministry of commerce, industry and cooperatives. Each union is represented on the board of LASCOFIS on the fulfillment of financial condition of 600,000 or more units of shares at N5.00.

General Meeting and Composition Of The Board;

The ultimate authority in all matters relating to the administration of the organization is vested in the annual general meeting which qualifies members to be represented on the board.

There is a board which comprised of nine (9) members of which are elected from various local Govt. of the state. The other two representing Lagos state ministry of commerce, industries and Lagos State cooperative federation ltd.

There is a trustee of three members of the board who are given the responsibility to run the day to day activities of the organization with the help of a General Manager and other staff;

  1. The President Chairman
  2. Vice President Administration
  3. Treasurer Finance
  4. General Manager Day-to-Day Operations & General Admin.

The Three Board of Trustees elected by the general member at the AGM are the President, Vice President and Treasurer.