1. To serve as a financing and investment resources center for its members through the provision of the following facilities:

Acceptance of Deposits: The organization shall accept deposit at competitive rates for regular savings, target savings and fixed deposits from cooperative bodies and non-corporate bodies.

Short and Medium Term Financing: The organization shall provide coop. societies and other relevant organizations with short and medium term finance for working capital purposes and the acquisition of capital assets. It shall also provide finance for equipment leasing.

Mortgage Financing: The organization shall; in consortium with primary cooperative societies in Lagos state in particular and Nigeria in general extends mortgage loans to members of such primary cooperative societies through their societies, and to its other customers who operate mortgage target accounts.

Loan Syndications: The organization shall participate in consortium lending as a lead or agent finance house to meet cooperative societies borrowing requirement.

2. To give investment advice to all cooperative societies and its other customers. The organization will also serve as a consultant to any cooperative society on financial matters.

3. To venture into direct beneficial investment for members e.g. Hospitality Industry for Cooperators in Lagos State for relaxation.

4. To do other things that may promote its operations